3 Types Of Freelance Writing To Make Money Online

Types of Freelance writing: Copywriting There are many places to go to for content and article writing and copywriting is one of the most popular and effective ones. It’s best to focus on the copywriting and marketing aspects of copywriting as these two areas make your copywriting and articles so much easier to market.

types of freelance writing

Types of freelance writing: Freelance Article Writing If you have never done your hand in writing articles then you should start with this type of writing. A lot of new freelance writers will find that it relatively simple to get some articles out there on reputable websites for their name to be known and to build up their portfolio by writing and submitting to social media networks or cold pitching at local businesses. You don’t need any formal writing experience but you should know how to write good English and have a good grasp of keyword research.

Types of freelance writing: Copywriting There are many different ways to go about copywriting and you have to know the basics, which is the art of selling information. Some people will tell you to write articles or blog posts and you would think that this would be easy and you don’t need any previous writing experience. However it takes a lot of time to get your articles up on the internet and to build up a list of subscribers or potential customers, so it would be wise to focus on article marketing first, with articles then getting into link building and then building up your own website.

Types of freelance writing: SEO Writing This is when you will have to have some knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) in order to build up your online presence. The main benefit of having a high ranking in Google is that when people do a search they can see your site first and this will often lead to increased sales. You can make a decent living from SEO writing and you may find that you want to set up a blog with your own site as well.

As I mentioned, there were many different types of freelance writing but the three main ones that I am going to outline our article writing, copywriting and SEO writing. Each of these three categories of writing is highly effective but only one of them has the potential to make you rich. So you should really put in some hard work into each of these areas and work hard to master them before you move onto other areas such as branding or social media marketing.

So there you have it, I hope that this has provided you with some basic information on the three main types of freelance writing that you can use to make money online. You should also be able to identify where you can spend less time learning how to write articles and write your own copywriting as well as more time writing your SEO articles and getting into link building and setting up your own website. That’s it for now, have a great day!