5 Types of Copywriting

The types of copywriting are many and varied. Depending upon the audience that the piece is geared towards, the style of writing may vary. For example, there are pieces of copywriting that are romantic, funny, serious, or satire. However, you can also find pieces of writing that are more akin to advertising or public relations type pieces. Let’s take a look at the most common types of writing out there today.

types of copywriting

Dramatic Writing – Dramatic copywriting is one of the most commonly used types of copywriting for the Internet. A dramatic story, which will get a reader to laugh or cry, often plays a big part in getting a reader to click on an ad that is selling something. There are five types of dramatic writing: Sales, Appeal, Mystery, Suspense, and Pride.

Technical Writing – If you want your words to “get picked up” by a reader, then you need to know what types of words they will pick up on. SEO copywriting has the ability to solve some of the more difficult problems that people have when looking at a product online. Technical copywriting often gives information about products or services in a non-technical manner. It can be anything from the pros and cons of a certain product or service to how to use a certain feature. There are five types of technical writing: Analytical writing, Evidence based writing, Emotional writing, Propaganda based writing, and Technical writing.

Direct Response Copywriting – This is the most commonly used type of copywriting for the Internet. People generally like to read things that are informative and that make a statement. Therefore, if you want to be considered a good writer, then you should learn about the different types of direct response copywriting. Some of these types of copywriting include article marketing, video marketing, press release marketing, Ezine advertising, list building, and video streaming. These types of copywriting make statements about a product or service in a way that is very compelling.

Creative Copywriting – These types of copywriting tend to make statements about a product in a way that is creative and different from the types mentioned above. However, it is also very similar to SEO copywriting because they both use an optimized site to promote their products, but they differ in that they do it in a more creative and persuasive way. Some examples include persuasive sales copy, viral marketing, celebrity marketing, and charity marketing. These types of copywriting tend to attract more attention than types of copywriting that fall into the other categories above because of the way they are promoted.

These five types of copywriting types are the most common types of copywriting used by writers today. They all share a similar trait in that they all allow a marketer to effectively communicate with their customers and clients. However, they also differ in that some types of copywriting allow their clients and customers to respond directly to them, while others may not allow for that option. In the end though, all types of copywriting are effective for promoting a brand, a product, or anything else you want to get out there.