7 Things a Website Copywriter Should Do

Marketing writers have to be good website copywriters. You can tell when a writer is website copywriting by asking some of these questions: Does the website copy seem like “pure marketing text”? Does the marketing text jump around too much? Do you feel like the writer is unnecessarily confusing or annoying you with his/her writing style? What are the overall effects on your business that this particular writer’s website copywriting has?

Once you’ve answered these questions you’ll be better prepared to judge website copywriting on its own merits. And here are the basic features of good website copywriting that search engines and online consumers can generally look for: A. Clear targeted keyword content that is seo-friendly copywriting. This means the website copywriting clearly identifies the target audience it’s attempting to communicate with (which will be the readership for example) and provides useful information about the target audience.

b. A clear value proposition. All good web copywriters should share a value proposition with their clients. This value proposition should be articulated in words that the targeted audience will understand and respond to easily. In other words, all good web copywriters should share a “call to action” with the reader so that the reader “reads” the website copy as if it were written for them.

c. Easy usability. Good web copy writers must take time to create user-friendly copy that is easy to understand. After all, most of the time when someone is reading a website copy, it’s only a page or two long. The copywriter must make the page or two “swipe-worthy” enough that the reader can actually get a response out of it.

d. Relevance. A well-crafted website copy needs to have the right amount of relevancy. If an online consumer is searching for what you provide on your website, then they need to find what they’re looking for (your key phrases) in your content. However, if an online visitor is looking for the same key phrases that you do, but doesn’t realize that they’re looking for them in your content, they won’t take action.

e. Level Writing. Most good copy writers should also be good at developing the overall tone and style of the copy. They need to use appropriate words and phrases and develop an overall theme or “voice” that the website copy utilizes. This style and tone of the website copy must be consistent throughout the copywriting project. For example, if one paragraph is written in high-pitched, excited English, while another is written more casual, with the writer’s own native language tone, the overall message of the website copy may not be cohesive or complete. By using the services of website landing page copy writers, webmasters will be able to easily create a seamless online writing experience.