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Your writer website, like any other company, is your house on the net. It is where you will need to drive traffic to as well as where you will point visitors back to from guest blogging and social networking. While prospective customers are usually more interested in the quality of your writing and the manner in which you deliver on everything that you have promised, they really do take notice of the appearance and feel of your website when employing you, so…

writer website

* Writing Skills – You should come off as a professional, not a novice in this area. Your writing should flow, be grammatically correct, and the content relevant to the website, product, or service that you are writing for. A good copywriter profile will also include solid references and proofreading your own work before sending it out. This is especially true if you are marketing yourself through social media. Potential clients will be happy to know that you have taken the time to check your writing and that they can trust you.

* Experience – It is always advisable to use someone with real-world experience in your writer websites. Do not rely on a writer who has only written SEO articles for others. While you will certainly learn a great deal about search engine optimization while working with one such person, you will need another to help you with your copywriting. Someone who has a wide variety of experience will broaden your horizons as a client and will be willing to offer insights beyond SEO writing.

* Solid References – You should also ask your writer friends and colleagues for names of their recent clients. Ask them how well the writer did in terms of quality and how easily they moved on from the project. Remember, the writing remains in the writer’s head until it appears on your website. You want a writer who can write compelling copy but who also can move quickly when circumstances change. It is a fine balance between a good writer and a poor one.

* Portfolio – Your portfolio should include a range of writing styles. Do not limit yourself to simply blogging or writing as a business. Your portfolio will showcase you as a writer who can be versatile and provide a wide variety of services for a range of clients. The best writers will be able to take on a variety of projects, and they should also be able to adapt their portfolio to whatever project it is that they are working on at any given time. If you have ever freelanced for a small business as a writer, you may feel some trepidation about your new position. As your portfolio grows and your writer website gains popularity, however, you will see just how adept you truly are.

* Marketing – Your marketing strategy will include social networking, blogging, SEO writing and other website marketing tactics. A professional writer website with an aggressive marketing plan is a great asset. You will want to make sure that you blog on a regular basis, create social networking profiles and include article marketing and press release marketing so that you always have fresh content to provide visitors to your website. You may also find that you want to expand into article marketing and PPC marketing to generate even more traffic.