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Content marketing writers are unlike any other writers in the traditional sense. They do not work on an hourly basis, but as a percentage of overall sales. They make their money from selling content and keeping their bonuses and incentives by being a “catalyst” for generating website traffic and leads. Theirs is no ordinary job. They earn six-figure incomes, sometimes seven-figure incomes, all while enjoying numerous other perks.

marketing writer

Content website copywriters earn huge commissions from website owners who need promotional material written for them. A website owner hires a writer to write articles or blog posts that will attract potential customers to their site. The writer develops a story or series of articles that describes the benefits of the website to the prospective customer. Once a website owner finds a writer who has the right keywords and a story to tell, they will commission him or her to create promotional ads that will direct people to the website.

For example, let’s say you own a dog website. You have a series of landing pages, all with different dog pictures, descriptions, and videos. When someone visits your site and clicks on one of your landing pages to find out more about your dog, you pay a commission to the website copywriting service that created that particular landing page.

The same is true for article and blog posting web copywriting. In order to publish top-rated articles, a writer must compose excellent, keyword-rich articles. These articles must be well-written, with proper spelling and grammar. They must also be written in easy, plain English, so that they appeal to readers. When someone reads an article, she or he should want to know what the author was trying to say and why they should visit the website in the first place.

Another important factor in marketing is SEO (search engine optimization). A writer must write keyword-rich articles that will help draw visitors to a website through search engine optimization techniques. Many times, an SEO writer can write an article that is so captivating, that the traffic keeps coming back to the writer’s website. However, there are many SEO writers who do not have the talent or ability for this type of writing.

Marketing website copywriting jobs are popular jobs these days, as more websites are becoming aware of the importance of having high-quality content. People turn to the internet to seek information, which is why it is imperative to choose among the many companies offering website content writing requirements. If you want to become an online writer, you might want to start looking into marketing writing jobs.