Common Freelance Writing Jobs

There are many different types of writing assignments out there, from freelance writing to editing an academic paper to crafting persuasive essays or sales copy for online businesses. Many freelance writers eventually settle on a certain type of writing and become known as expert in that particular genre. But how can you know what your area of expertise is? Consider the following types of writings to help you determine your area of expertise.

different types of writing

Freelance Copywriting. If you enjoy writing social media posts, reviews for products and services, blogging or otherwise sharing information online through the medium of the internet, then chances are you’ve written at least one social media post yourself. Social media posts are a great way for freelance writers to showcase their talents and sell themselves to companies who are seeking freelance copywriters.

Freelance Writing in Specific Niches. Because the demand for online writing job openings is so intense, many freelance writers hone in on just a few types of writing niches. These writers know exactly what types of articles, blogs or websites to write about and can create solid content in these areas within a few days without knowing much about the topic. However, this is not the kind of writing expertise you want if you want to make money as a freelance writer.

Landing Pages. Landing pages are basically website pages that allow visitors to plug in their e-mail addresses and contact details in order to receive updates from the writer. Freelance writers can choose to focus on several different types of landing pages, allowing them to compile dozens of quality content pages in a short period of time. Some of these types of landing pages are very specific and only accept the most popular e-mail address formats; others are more generalized, allowing writers to work with multiple different types of web forms and formats for submitting their content.

Editorial Writing and Sales & Marketing. Freelance writers who are looking to break into the world of content writing often choose to focus their efforts on editorial writing instead of sales and marketing. Editorial writing requires excellent grammar and writing skills, along with an understanding of the different types of media that are used in the production of magazines such as periodicals, books and newspapers.

Copywriter and Copywriting. Freelance copywriters and bloggers are typically hired by larger companies who have a strong need for quality content but cannot afford to pay a full-time staff to create the articles and other material they need. Freelance copywriters can focus on producing high-quality articles, blog posts and other types of web content for these types of companies while working at a reasonable rate. Freelance writers also have the option to focus on selling advertising or products through freelance websites.