Different Kinds of Writer Website Websites

Your website copywriting portfolio is your portal through which readers and potential customers to learn about you and your creative work. For most people, that means making a website copywriting portfolio is a hugely daunting task. Luckily, you now have alternatives. There are just as many kinds of website copywriting portfolio as there are website designers, and you do not need to make your writer website to suit any type of mold or preconceived set-up.

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One kind of website copywriting portfolio is a personal site, typically for someone who is just getting started in the world of website copywriting. This kind of writer website aims to get you inspired, creative, excited about being a writer. You can use this kind of website as an informal learning-base, where you can explore different topics, write about them, read other people’s work, and get inspired by it. If you are a writer just starting out in the Internet world, you can also use this kind of website to get started on your marketing writing career.

Another kind of website copywriting portfolio is a sales/marketing writer website. These kinds of writer website are usually designed to sell specific products or services. You may sign up with sites like ClickBank to promote their products or services. In return, they will promote your own products and services. Some marketers even let you create a landing page that directs your website visitors to their product pages when they click on the link to your landing page.

Yet another kind of website copywriting portfolio is a chiding style website. Chidinma means “poisoned mirror” in Chinese. This type of writer website generally has a lot of long passages with very few words in each paragraph. Because it’s chiding, the entire piece is meant to frighten or intimidate, rather than inform.

The final kind of website copywriting website I have for you today is testimonial writing websites. While there aren’t any glaringly obvious reason for this, I will give you one good reason. Testimonials are powerful. When someone gets great results from using your product, they are likely to tell others about it. They may even recommend your service or product to a friend!

If you want to hire a writer website creator/developer to help you create your own testimonial page, the first thing you need to do is create a landing page. The landing page should be a page about your product or service that does not attempt to sell anything. Rather, it should act as a tool for your visitor to learn more. For example, if you have a landing page about “bathroom remodeling”, you could add this: “This article will answer your questions about the new renovation.” That should do the trick. Now all you need is for people to email you about the “new renovation”.