Examples of Freelance Writer Website Design

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Examples of Freelance Writer Website Design

If you’re a freelance writer wanting to get more work, then you need to start promoting yourself on the web. Freelance writers for hire need to start networking on the Internet. Start blogging! Here are four ways to promote yourself on the Internet as a freelance writer for hire:

Blog – Creating a blog is easy; all you need to do is register a domain name and select a blog topic. Now if you do not already own a website yet, and wish to take a step by step tutorial on how to setup your own site, then click here. Lots of freelance writers mess up their websites by: Not optimizing their blog for search engines. Not researching their niche sufficiently. Not including keyword rich content in their blogs.

Website – If you really want to be noticed as a freelance writer for hire, then make sure your website actually looks like what it is supposed to look like: professional, clean, and navigable. Make sure to include all your contact information such as your physical address. A portfolio area that showcases some of your best work is always helpful. The last thing you want to look like is an amateur.

Blog – Another great way to promote yourself as a freelance writer for hire is to start a blog on your site works. Post entries about current happenings in your niche and clients interested in hiring you. Keep your blog’s theme simple and to the point. You want to build a community around your site works, as people will be interested in visiting your page if they see other freelance writers doing it. This also builds trust with your clients, as they can look forward to reading your articles.

Case Studies – A good example of a freelance writer website is one that has case studies listed on it. This gives visitors a quick look into what professional writers can do and how they can benefit a company. Some may think this is crutched information and doesn’t make sense, but look at the big picture. Freelance writers aren’t just making money, they’re creating a whole new market for themselves. People looking for someone to write their resume for them have one thing on their mind and that’s quality content. If they hire you for a case study, you will be able to provide it for them.

Contact Form – Creating a good example of a freelance writer website starts with a great contact form. It should be simple and easy to fill out so that potential clients feel comfortable contacting you. It is also a good idea to have your own email address as well, so you won’t have to rely on the generic email addresses offered by freelance websites that you contact.