Freelance Writer Website Marketing

Years ago when I first started out in online business I really didn’t have any idea of what to look for or where to get started. That was until I discovered Freelance Writer websites. Back then it was very difficult to start up and get traffic because the internet was in its infancy. I needed to figure out a way to draw people in.

freelance writer website

The first thing I tried was putting up a basic portfolio on my freelance writer website. The website wasn’t pretty at all. That was 2009. Just got laid off from my job as a content writer and account manager at a large advertising agency. Although still had an inkling of what good sites looked like, still knew little about how much the company charged to build these.

After losing my job and not having much money, I decided to put up a writing services page on my freelance writer website. I wanted to draw in potential clients that were on the fence about giving me the chance to provide their services. I did a few things on this page, including putting up a simple portfolio of my writing services along with some information about me and my work. I put in my contact information along with a brief description of my services.

Then I put a free writing portfolio on the page. This included a free account with a writing service’s website, a free sample of my writing and my contact information. I made sure to include my full name, my actual street address, my phone number, my email address and that I lived in that area. I also mentioned how I enjoyed writing and what my future plans were.

When my website’s traffic increased over the months, it became obvious to me that I needed to put more effort into drawing in potential clients. I had to get my act together, so I started setting up simple pages on my freelance writer website with my free resume. This allowed potential clients to see who I was and what I brought to the table. In addition, it gave them an idea of what my writing services could do for them. It also became easy for me to set up my freelance writing business.

Nowadays, I continue to add more content and value to my writing website. I run free marketing campaigns and I continue to use social media to market my freelance writer website. I continue to learn all kinds of new marketing techniques and I keep my blog and social media pages updated. If I had not built these websites, I am sure I would have had to hire someone to help me with all of these tasks. These free marketing tools are helping me build my online presence and I cannot thank anyone else for it. If you are struggling with online marketing and want to find out more about hiring a professional SEO consultant, please visit the link below.