How to Become a Content Agency Writer

What exactly is a content agency? On paper, working as a content agency appears to be a no-brainer, for most freelance writers. You just get a steady flow of work sent to your email inbox, without the hassle of trying to contact new clients each time you submit an article. In practice, many know that is much more complicated than this. Let’s take a look at how to become a content writer for a content agency.

content agency

The first step to becoming a content writer for a content agency is actually to be a freelance writer yourself. If you’re a freelancer who’s good at writing, marketing or both, then you’ll have no trouble finding work with an agency. Freelance writers make up the majority of freelance workers in the Internet market place. If you’re good at what you do, you can make a very good living working as a freelance writer.

So once you’ve proven that you’re competent at writing, the next step is finding a content agency to represent you. There are two types of content agencies: Internet-based content agencies and brick and mortar agencies. Internet based content agencies tend to specialize in a particular subject. For example, if you specialize in Internet marketing, then an agency promoting Internet marketing content will probably be interested in having you write content on their website.

Brick and mortar agencies handle all kinds of content assignments. While they may have a wide range of projects available, the bulk of their work will be for traditional clients. A good example of a traditional content agency would be Ketchum, a content agency that handles work for the Discovery Channel and other mainstream media outlets. By contrast, Internet based content agencies like Article Mark and Elance make a good living working with freelance writers, providing them with assignments in different niches and paying a specific price for each project. Freelance writers interested in Internet marketing should therefore look for agencies that deal primarily in that field.

One of the most common content agency opportunities is to bid on work posted by clients on freelance bidding sites like odesk. The key to winning bids on content projects is to understand what a client is looking for and to meet it. Some clients want one-page content and others want five-page articles or even more. Regardless of how long a project may be, understanding the client’s needs is the key to success.

Once you’ve done your research into the content agency market and understand what type of writer clients it caters to, you can begin to write proposals that will help you stand out from the competition. Asking specific questions about the projects posted by similar writers will help you determine the areas in which you can differentiate yourself. Once you’ve made the case for why you’re the best candidate for the job, you can go out and win it.