How to Become a Content Marketing Writer

There are so many companies out there who are looking for content to include on their site, or freelance writers who need to create content for free, or agencies who want to create content for their client’s site. However, the problem is they usually don t even know where to look for good content writers. This article takes you through the best means for finding free-lance writers for hire and also helps you identify top content marketing companies. It makes sense to use a combination of free-lance writers for hire and top content marketing companies. It will give you the best possible chance at success.

content marketing writer

You can find many freelance content marketing writers for hire who is also a good fit with your own writing style and who will do a good job as a content writer. Freelance blog writers often will use a portfolio service to display their work and show off what they can do. Using a freelance blog writer service can be a great way to choose a good fit and show yourself to a variety of companies.

When you decide to use a content marketing writer, make sure you know who you are hiring and what their exact duties will be. Are they strictly freelance bloggers, writing about a specific niche like healthcare technology, computer technology, health, beauty or anything else? Perhaps they write about medical topics for the various companies who are hiring them. It depends on the niche you are working with, but always check to see if there is another place for a company to post their requirements.

One way to get a feel for what is available is to use a freelance job board such as Elance or Guru. Search for freelance jobs relevant to your niche using keywords. Elance is the best because they have a huge and active audience and the bidding is done live. They also have detailed information on each project including payment terms, deadline and contact details. Guru is smaller and is geared more towards internet marketing jobs. The feedback is quicker and sometimes it can be more specific because it is only designed for a particular keyword in a certain niche.

Freelance copywriting is very similar to writing an article. The only difference is that the content is not printed on paper, it is written online for audiences around the world. For this type of freelance writer you may need to have experience in advertising or writing copy. Copywriting for websites is very popular, especially in the world of blogging. Blogs are becoming the new newspapers, except they are also being written by actual people.

The advantage of blogs is that you can target specific audiences with very specific content. This is much easier to do than advertising in papers and magazines which are more generic. Internet users are very specific in what they want, so it makes sense to write just that. Healthcare technology websites need SEO work, which can be done by freelance writers who know how to do that. There are many areas that fall within this niche.