How to Create the Best Freelance Writer Websites

freelance writer website

There are several benefits to creating a freelance writer website. First, establishing credibility is essential. You should include social media links, email address, and your contact information. Additionally, your site should display the logos of brands that you’ve worked with. This will establish your credibility among potential clients. Lastly, a freelance writer website can be an essential tool to manage leads and potential clients. Here are some tips to create a great freelance writer website:

Create a profile showcasing your writing skills and experience. Then, create a portfolio. Once you have a portfolio, post samples, and be sure to update it monthly. Once you’ve built a portfolio, consider partnering with a content marketing agency. The content marketing agencies will find potential clients for you. Once you’re on the site, you’ll be able to begin earning money. You’ll be paid $50-100 per article and potentially up to $600 per submission.

You can also create an FAQ page to answer common questions that potential clients might have. The FAQ section will also provide more details for potential clients. Freebies are also a good way to demonstrate the quality of your work. Be upfront with your costs, but don’t make them a stumbling block for new clients. Keep your costs down, and invite interested visitors to contact you for a quote. You can even offer a freebie or two to attract new customers.

You can find many examples of excellent freelance writers’ websites on the internet. One such example is Marijana Kay. Her website features a free checklist, samples of her work, and testimonials from clients. This type of website looks like a legitimate business. And it’s easy to navigate. The homepage also contains prominent thumbnail images of her work. In addition to the free checklist, Marijana Kay is able to show off impressive results for her clients on her website.

Another example of a good freelance writer website is Abass Sahrawi. Abass has a sleek design with a compelling headline that reads “Great content is what drives sales.” He also features the brands and publications he has written for, as well as testimonials from satisfied clients. The website also has a guide that walks the visitor through the entire writing process. If you’re a writer looking for a new gig, this website may be your best bet.

The home page of your freelance writer website should be similar to a business card, which usually has the name, contact number, and logo of the freelance writer. Your home page should explain to prospects what their problem is and how you can help them solve it. The home page of a freelance writer website should give visitors reasons to stay and build a relationship with you. Every freelance writer builds his or her homepage differently. Some create a lengthy landing page style homepage and include a contact form at the end, while others choose to keep it short and simple with a hero image, service information, and buttons to explore other areas of the website.

A freelance writer website should also display a portfolio of past work. This is a great way to show potential clients what you can do and showcase your skills. You can showcase your work with a portfolio or by using an online form. Once a client has chosen you, they can easily contact you. It’s easy to contact Olivia Craig through her website, so she can showcase her services. The Copyfolio Journal template makes it easy to update the example of a freelance writer’s website.