How to Promote Your Freelance Writer Website

Can a freelance writer make money online without a website? Well, the short answer is… Yes. The long answer… You have to put in the time, effort, and writing practice to make it succeed, but you do not HAVE to be in only one niche.

freelance writer website

Freelance writer websites are great for the freelance writer looking to market his/her services. For instance, let’s say that you are an SEO writer who writes blog posts and SEO articles, or even blog posts on marketing. If you were to try to sell those products and services on an online auction site, like eBay or Amazon, you would face stiff competition from other people selling the same exact products and services. However, if you started a freelance writer website and advertised your services, and also posted your blog posts on that website, people interested in those products and services would check out your page and possibly buy them through your affiliate links.

If you are not a copywriter, or if you simply don’t have the skills to write sales letters, you can still earn income from your freelance writer website with other niches. Some popular niches include health products, exercise videos, and other informative (but informational) products that offer information that can help others. Many readers also prefer to purchase products (or services) through the internet, so having a website with multiple pages makes the information easier to find, as well as easier to click through to a sales page for that specific product. Another example of this is content marketing, which involves selling your own or other people’s information products and earning a commission. While some niches may not lend themselves to content marketing campaigns, content marketing does work well for many others.

One of the best ways to market your services and keep your clients happy is to create social proof. Social proof refers to a way to show your clients that what they are reading or seeing is true, even if it isn’t directly stated or demonstrated by way of that content. For example, when they read about a person who overcame writer’s block, they should see proof through social proof. Other examples of social proof that you can use to market your freelance writing services include testimonials from your previous clients, press releases about your work, or blogs written by other writers who have had similar experiences to yours.

When your target client is a generalist, you can highlight areas of expertise that your target clients are interested in, even if they do not fall into a specialized niche. For instance, if you are a freelance writer who writes about child safety and you specialize in home safety for first-time parents, you can put your expertise in one article and refer your clients to another article about child safety while stressing the importance of child safety. This way, you are advertising your services in two directions at once and reaching both a generalist and a specialist market. Even better, if you make sure that you are focusing on a niche in which you have plenty of experience, you will become an expert on that topic and this will translate to success.

When you have the ability to tailor your content to a variety of audiences, you are able to reach a larger number of potential clients and increase your chances for success. You are also able to write faster and more accurately than ever before and you will always be able to offer the best price available. Another thing that you can do to maximize your profit is to offer articles in multiple formats. These include conventional article formats as well as more specific, specialty formats that are geared to the needs of your clients. If you want to stand out from the competition, be sure to take advantage of all of the tools that are available to you to promote yourself and your freelance writing business.