How To Use Website Copy To Increase Visitors

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How To Use Website Copy To Increase Visitors

What exactly is Website Copy? First of all, let’s explain what copy actually means: copy basically means the written content you use to sell your products/services online. As a result, your copy should be unique and make an impression on your target audience – so don’t just copy off other websites.

Look at your website copy as an instruction manual for the visitor. When someone opens your website, they are going to be greeted by the text and taken through the whole content on the site. Therefore, if the copy doesn’t make them feel interested or motivated to find out more, then it won’t work.

The second thing you need to look for in your website copy is its structure. Your copy needs to flow. Don’t make it too complicated. Make it simple enough to comprehend, but not too difficult to understand and hard to read.

If the content is difficult to read, people won’t read it, therefore you have wasted your time writing that article or page. So keep it simple, yet clear and easy to understand.

Another thing that website copy needs is good keyword research. In order to find the right keywords, search around on Google, or ask your writer friend about it. Keyword research is very important because it’s where you will get the proper positioning for the content in the SERPs (search engine rankings).

Once you have found the right keyword, keep that up to date in your copy, as well as your website. You can also use article directories for keyword research, as well. Keep in mind that the right keywords can make or break your website copy. Remember to get backlinks from high-ranking web pages with similar content to yours, too.

Now, it’s important that you add some kind of graphics or images to your pages. It should match the content in such a way that the reader gets excited when he sees one. Make your copy exciting by adding a photo, video or sound effects – even if your content is simple and straightforward, it makes the content more exciting.

Lastly, the content in the page is important too. Your readers aren’t going to stick around if the page is cluttered and full of unnecessary information. Make your pages informative and interesting – make it useful to your readers, so they will want to come back.

So those are the basics of website copy that will help you create a better online business. Good luck!