Is Marketing Writer Needed For Your Business Website?

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Is Marketing Writer Needed For Your Business Website?

Content marketing writers are often the unsung heroes of our digital age. They not only write articles to assist companies sell more over the internet, drive visitors to their site, inform their clients about services and products, and attract new clients. They also write blog posts, SEO content, press releases, ads, newsletters, and web content for many of these companies. Content marketing writing services have been a staple of the business industry for years, but until recently, they were typically only available to large companies that could afford to hire a big advertising agency to write and promote their content. Content writers have gradually been making their way into the homes of more medium and small-sized businesses. And in turn, these writers have given the online world a new, unique voice and style.

In today’s digital culture, the content creation marketer is an essential part of the success equation for many companies. The content writer can be as creative and dynamic as you like they are trained to think outside of the box. However, a content marketer does not need to be a writer. All they need to do is be able to effectively communicate their ideas and help guide businesses in the right direction.

Writing content for the web is not all about being able to put words on a page it’s about making sure that those pages have a call to action. Businesses need to draw their readers in and encourage them to take action. Marketing professionals know this all too well and it’s why some hire an SEO content writer or marketing writer to come in and write the company’s marketing materials. Other times, the sales pages need a catchy title and compelling copy. A website copywriter can help with both.

Landing pages are what attract visitors to a website. Content marketing writers who have honed their skills in SEO know exactly how to set up landing pages so that businesses get as many qualified leads as possible. Landing pages need to be easy to navigate so that visitors don’t get lost. Good marketing writers also know how to use various keywords in order to attract the search engines’ attention. They know how to take the user’s desire to learn more about a product or service and turn it into a potential sale.

Many website owners prefer to outsource their content strategy to an SEO writer. For them, it’s more cost effective than hiring a full time in-house writer, even though there are benefits to both approaches. The company owner can control the writing schedule and quality of work, whereas the writer will dictate how much work is done. For some website owners, they value the ability to control every aspect of the content strategy and for them, outsourcing the task is preferable to hiring a full-time in-house writer.

Many website owners also find it cheaper to pay a freelance copywriter to write the copywriting content rather than hiring someone in-house. Freelance writers often charge less per word than many established copywriting professionals. The website owner still needs to provide the written copywriting specifications and needs to approve the content before it goes into production. Freelance writers also allow for creative input by allowing the client to give notes or make suggestions about the layout, colors or style of the publication.