Knowing the Types of Copywriting and Their Uses

Freelance writing can be broadly classified into different types of copywriting. Each type is suited to a certain kind of business and audience. For instance, copywriting that targets small businesses would require different types of writing compared to copywriting that is aimed at large companies. So it is essential for a business or an individual looking to start a small business website to understand the types of copywriting they should be doing so as to be able to reach their potential customers.

types of copywriting

Copywriting can be broadly divided into two types Sales Copy and Technical Copy. The first is concerned with selling your products and the latter with promoting your services. In both cases, a marketer will need to use words to make the message of the company audible to their intended audience. Sales copy is normally about the benefits of the product or service and is usually more focused on the potential customer whereas technical copywriting is more conversational in nature and hence more geared towards marketing strategies.

When writing sales copy, the writer needs to ensure that they capture the attention of their prospective readers and keep it. For this, they will be using different types of writing techniques. For instance, using language such as ‘the best in the industry’ will ensure that they are able to grab the attention of the readers and hold it till they get all the information that they need from the product descriptions. Also, the sales copywriter has to make sure that they are putting across the message in a simple manner so that customers do not lose their interest in the product as soon as reading the brief description.

On the other hand, technical copywriting deals with the promotion of the services or the product. As such, it is necessary for the copywriters to know all about the product or service they are writing about. This means that they have to be conversant with the various specifications that come handy when they are trying to promote the product or the services. Since they are dealing with the technicalities only, it is always wise to take help from experts who can guide them properly. There are numerous types of technical writers who can help you out in your copywriting endeavor; hence, choose the one who has experience in the field.

Finally, another major category of copywriting is that of ‘branding copy’. As such, it deals with the promotion of a particular brand, a company or an individual. In this type of copywriting, the copywriter uses words like ‘the best’, ‘bigger’ and ‘most popular’ in order to make a convincing statement about the brand or the product. Thus, they help establish the name of the company and the products or services in a positive light. These are just some of the types of copywriting that are used by professionals in the world of marketing; hence, choose the one that you think is best suited for your marketing requirements.

Copywriting is an easy task if done in the right manner; hence, choose the type of copywriting that you think would suit your business needs the most. For example, if you have a small business, you need not bother about promoting your product to the general public, since your target audience does not read books. Instead, direct mailers and billboards are the best options for you. However, if you have a huge customer base, brochures, articles and online reviews are the ideal choice for you.