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Marketing writing is a term for a field of writing which is concerned with creating marketing material that will be used to promote a business or product. In its broadest sense marketing writing can be used to promote any product or service. However it is more common to use marketing writing to write advertising copy. The term copywriting itself comes from a broader definition of the term writing, which means to write or speak (or print) something.

Marketing copywriting has a number of sub-genres. Market research copywriting is the term used for articles and other written information intended to influence opinion or response. Public relations copywriting is concerned with marketing strategies designed to build a positive public perception of a company, product or service. Writing for website copywriting is concerned with creating content that will be attractive to online search engines and user-engaged websites. A website copywriter must use good grammar and correct spelling. This is a sub-genre of website copywriting.

Web copywriting is the term for writing copy for the internet. Internet copywriting for marketing a website is often referred to as web copywriting. Online marketing writing can take many forms, ranging from advertising copy to website copy to blog writing. Web copy writing can also be used for printed marketing materials, including brochures, catalogues and business cards. Sometimes it is combined with advertising copy. Web copywriting is a subset of website copywriting, just like the magazine and book writing sub-genres.

Content marketing writing is for writing pieces of information that will be useful to the reader and that will persuade the reader to interact with the content writer. For example, an ad copy might be written in such a way as to encourage the reader to click on the link to go to a website (landing page copy). The landing page copy would contain information about the benefits of purchasing that product or finding another similar product. It may also contain enticing key phrases or words the user will enter into their online search engines to find what they are looking for. These keywords or key phrases need to be researched carefully to make sure they accurately reflect the products or services being offered.

There are many sub-genres of marketing writing and some overlap significantly between different sub-genres. Researching which sub-genre a particular writer specializes in is important. Some writers specialize only in copywriting for the Internet while others specialize in Internet copywriting. Other writers write marketing copy and Internet copywriting. A marketing writer who writes for both is considered to be a niche market writer.

Some basic writing websites provide categories of writing, such as content, SEO, Internet marketing, press releases, classifieds, classified advertising, Ezine ads, ebooks, web copy, website copywriting, blogging, video marketing, and website copywriting. Marketing writers who have created their own niche within these various sub-genres can more easily target their clients. Writing websites are easy to create and market because the website needs to sell itself. If it does not sell itself then the website will not generate any sales. For this reason, marketing writers who focus on Internet copy writing need to research website copy writing in a specific sub-genre to be effective at promoting their clients’ products.