Start Getting Online With a Freelance Writer Website

Do you own a freelance writer website yet? As strange as it may sound, that post has been somewhat a decade in the making. For quite a while now I’ve wanted to do an update to highlight quality freelance writer sites to help newer, and perhaps experienced freelance writers enhance their websites, and also to help other freelance writers build their own. Here is the second installment of my ten best freelance writer websites or blog writers for hire.

Niche Bloggers for Hire: If you’re an entrepreneur wanting to increase your business and find clients, then this is the place for you. Niche blogs are written around a particular niche, product, or service, and usually focus on a local area or niche within a larger one. This article is intended to offer you tips to starting a successful blog in order to attract clients for your business. Here are some of the best writer’s sites I’ve discovered.

Freelance Writing Jobs: This is a blog where you can find clients and get paid for it! It’s basically a freelance writer’s directory that connects you to companies that need freelance writers. You can bid on jobs, communicate with the company through email, and then bid on the job. This is one of the best freelance writer websites for writers because it really connects you to companies who want your writing business.

Write Fest: A lot of these freelance writer websites offer writing competitions and services that are not available anywhere else. The owner of the site takes care of the technicalities such as selecting your writing niche, listing your services, and handling payment and bids. All the rest is handled by the company owner, and it can be a very rewarding experience if you have a winning bid.

Freelance Writer Portfolio Sites: There are several freelance writing portfolio sites that allow you to post your work for potential clients. Some of these websites specialize in a particular niche such as creative writing, poetry, academic writing, etc. The best part about these websites is that the owner maintains and updates the content regularly.

The above are just a handful of the freelance writing jobs and freelance writing websites that I’ve come across. In order to start getting online, I highly recommend that you explore the following sites and see which one works best for you: Writers Guild, Elance, oDesk, Guru, eLance, Creative Writing Network, and Freelance Hub. These websites are great for starting out a freelance writing business if you’re looking for client opportunities that fit your specific needs. I hope this article has helped you get started! Stay tuned for more valuable tips from me in future articles!