Starting Up and Building Up a Writer Website

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Starting Up and Building Up a Writer Website

When you’re trying to sell yourself as a writer online, there are plenty of tricks to make your pitch as appealing as humanly possible. You have to come across as personable, approachable, and believable. And then there’s the copywriting to boost your writing up a notch. There’s also the marketing writing to expand your client database and that’s no exclusion, either. In fact, this entire stack works together to create a strong, sustainable writer website.

So, how does one master all these components and create a winning writing website? First of all, you have to be a people person. That means writing websites about topics you are interested in and that people would find interesting. The more interesting a subject, the better your testimonials will be – especially if they contain testimonials from other writers who are working at home in their own time and making good money doing something they love.

What makes a successful writer website, though, is clean design and clear communication. No flashing icons, nor too many interlinking boxes or links. Your emails/phone number are easily readable and links are always clickable. A personality quiz at the start of every page helps to reassure people that you are not just another Internet scam. Portraits of you as a real person are a great bonus, too, because they show that you can take a photo and turn that into a “brand.” Good website copywriting makes your personality stand out as a real person.

If you want to get started in freelance writer website writing, then you have to learn the basics of SEO. Search Engine Optimization is the best way to get your site on the first page of search results. If you are new to SEO, then it is good to start off by writing simple articles about SEO and adding a resource box where you can include your website address. In no time at all, you will see results from the article and website you are writing.

Some writers decide to go one step further and develop a specialized website called a landing page. A landing page is designed specifically to draw in visitors and convince them to sign up for an in depth content with a fee. The content may be paid for in installments or by the visitor purchasing a product. This allows writers to develop long term relationships with their clients and offer them interesting and worthwhile products over time.

When you have built up your portfolio and have developed a reputation as a writer, you may want to consider signing up for freelance writing websites. Freelance websites provide writers with an online platform where they can sell their services to the public. If you want to work as a writer website owner, then all you have to do is choose a niche and market yourself within that niche. Once you have built up a reputation within that niche, you may then want to venture out into other niches. This type of business, however, requires a lot more work and patience on your part. Many successful writers say it took several years to break through and become successful at this type of freelance writing website.