The 5 Different Types of Writing

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The 5 Different Types of Writing

The different types of writings are divided into five groups according to the form of a message, the length of the message, the audience of the message, the medium or method of delivering the message and the target of the message. The following paragraphs will tell you about all these types of writings.

The first of all is the most common type of writings. These types of writings include: poems, love letters, eulogies, and testimonies. Each of these has their own set of rules or format which must be followed carefully in order for them to be effective. If you want to write something on a personal level or are going to deliver a very personal message then you can use poetry.

The next is what we call the testimonial or personal essay. This type of writing is used to express your personal thoughts and feelings about something that you like or about something that you feel is wrong. The testimonial can be written for many reasons. You might want to inform people of something good that has happened in your life. Or it might be a message to a family member who is sick or injured.

The third type of writings is what we call the message of love. In this type of writing the message of love is usually conveyed through words. It can also be expressed by a picture. A picture can make it easier for the person who is reading the message to understand what he or she is reading. It also enables the reader to have a better understanding of the message itself. The message of love is usually written in poetry. You can also use other forms of prose.

The fourth type of writing is called the writing of an argument. An argument is basically a statement made by a person and made with reason and logic. In an argument, the person who makes the statement is trying to persuade or convince other people. The argument is used to show people some facts or a situation in a clear and understandable way. In order to convince people, you must be well prepared. You should be ready with your arguments.

The last type of writing is what we call the writing of an essay. In this type of writing the writer presents his/her opinions and his/her facts or knowledge to prove a certain point. In the essay you should be able to present your information in the best way possible. Essay are usually written in academic or technical journals. You can even write one in your school papers but the style of the paper is usually different from one another.