The Different Types of Writings That Are Required Around the World

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The Different Types of Writings That Are Required Around the World

The types of writings for sale are as many as the number of people who have them. There is a huge range of categories, styles, formats, and lengths for all types of writings for sale. The types of freelance writing that are out there are the following: advertising copy, descriptive copywriting, information product writing, e-business writing, story telling, sales copy, SEO (search engine optimization), and marketing writing. You should definitely know the types of writings available in order to choose the right type for you to perform. Here are some tips to get you started.

Advertising Copywriting. This category covers a wide variety of different types of writing. An ad copy writer writes ads and other print advertisements and other types of promotional literature to promote a business or to sell products. There are many different types of business that need this service including: real estate companies, consumer packaged goods companies, franchises, hospitals, insurance companies, technology companies, non-profit organizations, and private firms.

Description of Your Work. If you are a freelance writer, the types of freelance writing that you can do include descriptive copy writing. A description of your work is much like an advertisement that describes what type of work you do and what you can do for other companies. You can help them advertise their services, tell their audience what they can expect from you, and show them what you can do to give them good results.

Technical Writing. In addition to being used for advertising and promotional purposes, technical writing is used in the scientific community. It includes research papers, reports, presentations, experiments, etc. These types of writings are often required by businesses and other organizations that have to do with scientific research. For example, a scientific journal may require an article or even a series of articles on a particular topic.

Essay Writing. Similar to research writing, essay writing is also required in many types of informational and educational publications. Many types of factual articles are also written such as: consumer reports, which are highly specific reports on certain products, news reports, and even features stories on celebrities, which are considered to be factual reports because they were factual in nature. For promotional writing, one can also write articles about a person or product that they are promoting. In some cases, marketing professionals also write press releases and letters for clients.

Freelance Writing Articles. Freelance writing articles is very similar to writing articles except that you will not have an opportunity to receive feedback from editors and publishers. The main difference between freelance writing articles and other types of writings is that you are not paid unless the content that you create is in demand and successful. In other words, if you are not successful, you are not paid. You must be willing to spend time researching for success and then take the time to create quality content that will be highly valued by others.