Two Different Types of Writing

The most common types of writings for writers to undertake are expository writing, descriptive writing and persuasive writing. These types of writings form the basis of all writing assignments. Writing requires that you research well, you should be able to tell a story and you should know how to use language effectively. These types of writings are very important in imparting information to your readers. If you can master these types of writings, you are guaranteed to go far in the world of writing.

different types of writing

Expository writing, as its name suggests, is written in reference to academic subjects that have been researched and are of great importance in that field of study. These types of writings require that you extensively research and document a particular topic. For this, you may need to find out a lot of facts related to that topic. You should also be able to explain your thoughts and provide an interpretation on the subject. This type of writing style makes use of complex language and words that are usually difficult to understand.

If you wish to venture into objective writing, you should be able to express your point clearly without any ambiguity. Objective writing is different from subjective writing in the sense that the former relies on facts and figures and the latter on the emotions. These types of writings are ideal for work, which has a clear direction and purpose. You can use the objectivity in your expository writings so as to make people understand the ideas contained within your paper. There are several types of objective writings that you can undertake including narrative writing, expository writing and research papers. You can also experiment with different types of objectives, so as to get the right results.

On the other hand, you can also try your hand at creative writing. Creative writing involves using personal experiences and anecdotes while writing about a specific subject or topic. If you want to do creative writing, it is essential that you use descriptive words instead of technical ones. Similar to the objective writing, you can try different types of ideas and use creative words in your expository compositions. Review writing is also another type of writing that you may be involved in and this involves writing about a specific topic and then giving a positive or neutral review of the same.

Another very interesting type of expository writing is descriptive writing guide. This type of writing requires you to make use of descriptive words while writing about a certain topic. However, you should note that you should not overdo it as otherwise your expository article will not sound well. Descriptive writing guide is ideal for works that have a general nature and not specific to a single subject or even topic.

If you wish to venture into narrative writing, you should be aware of some basic things. First of all, you need to keep the flow of your expository essay simple. narrative writing is best presented in an outline form, where each paragraph is connected to the next one. You should also focus on using appropriate language while keeping your thoughts clear and concise. The style of writing would include a casual tone and should avoid using highly technical terms. Review writing and expository writing are two different types of writing but both need to be written in a manner that would impress your reader.