Types of Academic Work

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Types of Academic Work

There are numerous types of writings available on the Internet today. Each particular type has its own special functions and features. For example, copywriting is an excellent method of selling a product or service. It is a great way to convince the customers to purchase a product or avail of a certain service. It also boosts the company’s reputation by spreading the awareness about the brand or company. In order to fully take advantage of these types of writings, it is important for one to know about them so as to decide what their specific roles are.

Freelance copywriting is mainly done by writers who are just starting out in the industry. They usually have little or no experience in producing written works. Therefore, the first step to take when trying to become a freelance writer is to take up a writing course that would teach the writer to create persuasive, informative and unique pieces of content. Different types of freelance writing requires different skills, abilities and talents.

Academic writing, on the other hand, requires the writer to use different types of academic tools such as academic language, literary devices and different styles of essays. The main purpose of academic writing is to present information and arguments in a structured manner, using different types of academic language. These types of writings may contain personal opinions and political views as well. The main purpose of academic writing is to convey important ideas and thoughts to its readers.

Academic essays are primarily required for higher level courses. It is an important part of the curriculum and a good conclusion to a research paper or an exam. In order for one to come up with an excellent essay, he or she needs to be knowledgeable about the subject matter and to have vast knowledge about the literature. Some types of academic writing include thesis statements, narrative, descriptive essay and narrative analysis, argumentative essay, descriptive essay and reviews.

Narrative Essay is one of the types of writings required for students who are pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business, marketing or some related field of study. A narrative essay is more focused towards describing a personal experience, rather than a piece of literature. The main purpose of a narrative essay is to persuade the reader by telling a story about a specific event. There are many types of narrative essays which include personal narratives, personal experiences and narration, and historical accounts. The last type, historical account, is also a form of creative writing that includes re-telling historical events with added twists.

Novel writing is yet another type of academic work where the purpose is to interpret a given novel and turn it into an essay. All literature is not equal, therefore all types of writings have their own purpose and place. In general, however, all types of essays are required throughout an academic program because they assist the reader in comprehending the author’s point of view and in following the main thread of the story. Each of these types of writings has a different focus; however, all are required to complete the program.