Types of Essays

types of writings

Types of Essays

Writing has been one of the oldest professions and today it is considered to be a lucrative profession. Writing is also used to promote businesses as well as for entertainment purposes. A writer can segment his work in many ways, naming them according to categories. Thus, a writer can categorize his work in different types of writing as: types of fiction, types of non-fiction, types of press releases, types of creative writing, types of short stories, types of academic writing, types of blog writing, etc. However, all writers, irrespective of the genre of writing them are adept at writing, always aim at producing original content.

Writing is categorized into different types of writings depending on the topic on which they are intended to be written. For example, academic writing might be a lengthy dissertation with references to different types of academic disciplines and the authors might be required to compile relevant facts from various sources and support each of the arguments with references. On the other hand, an essay might be a straightforward collection of thoughts or a personal narrative. In both cases, the writer has to ensure that they convey their meaning clearly and leave a good impression on the reader.

Essays are classified into different types depending on their nature. An academic essay, for example, is different from a research essay in terms of its purpose. An essay may be written for the purpose of winning a literary award or for publication in a journal. Narrative writing might be needed for a story, a novel, or for any other purpose. As a matter of fact, nearly all types of writings are needed in our day and age.

In addition to the types of writings there are also subtypes of these writings. For instance, if you are writing a research paper you will have to choose between an analytical essay and a descriptive essay. If you are writing an essay to get a grade better than a bad one, then you would have to write an analytical essay. And finally, if you are writing to present research data you might need to write a narrative type of essay.

Basically, all types of writings fall under two types: public and private. A public writing is one that is made for publication and is therefore available to the wider public. On the other hand, a private writing is one that is not intended for publication but rather for a closed circle of friends, family members, or professors. Thus, most academic writings are public ones. That said, you can combine public and private types of writings in any given assignment to make it different and more interesting.

As mentioned above, different types of writings are needed in every day’s life. And in the academic world, academic writing is a very important part of academic life. Thus, before writing, you must be clear on the different types of writings and what they are for. Then, you will have a better chance at making your paper a great success.