Types of Essays That a Freshman Can Learn

If you are a writer, then you must have read about the types of writings. This type of writing has been the most popular for the past few years and this trend is not going to stop anytime soon. Writing for the web has become very easy with the different types of writing materials that are now available in the market. Writing for the web requires different types of writing skills. The expository, argumentative, analytical and expository types of writings are the most common types of writings. All these types of writings are there in the internet.

types of writings

Narrative: The narration type of writings are the ones that tell a story. These types of writings have a story inside them and tell it from the point of view of the narrator. A lot of people find it hard to narrate their stories because they are not good at telling stories. There are a lot of websites that are available on the internet which help people to narrate their stories using different types of formats. In this way, people are able to share their thoughts and their views with others.

Argumentative: The next type of writings that we will be talking about are the argumentative types of writings. Argumentative essay are written by writers who want to persuade their audience. The writer has to convince his or her audience with the arguments that he or she has written on the topic. If a writer wants to write an argumentative essay, then he or she has to find the loopholes in the argument of the opposing party.

Analytical essay: The third type of writings are the analytical types of writings. These types of writings are mostly used for research purposes. A person who wants to write an analytical essay usually needs to think about a certain subject and then he or she will write about it in a way to make the reader think about the topic. All types of essays are divided into two types: persuasive and analytical types of essays. When we talk about these types of essay, it is always the persuasive types of essay that we are talking about.

Narrative Writing: The types of writing that we are going to discuss here are the narrative types of essays. A narrative essay is one that tells a story or narrates a story. There are many types of stories and each type has its own purpose in telling a story. There are many types of stories; a person can tell any story in any type of writing. As a matter of fact, many of the famous writers of our time have contributed their works to the field of narrative writing.

Each of the types of writing can be learned. But before learning those types of writings, you should know how to effectively use your writing styles in writing an argumentative essay, narrative writing and descriptive writing. You should know how to use the different types of writing styles so that you will not only be able to become an excellent writer but also an outstanding writer in general. And the most important thing is that you must make your readers understand what you are trying to say through your words.