Types of Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is one of the most popular forms of writing there is. It is a form of art to many who engage in this field. It can consist of anything and can range from articles, blogs, ebooks, reviews and much more. There are many different types of writings that fall under the banner of freelance writing. In this article I will highlight some of these different types of writing.

types of freelance writing

Feature writing is probably the most popular type of freelance work that people like to do. This could be for any number of different types of media including, but not limited to web content, books, websites, and magazines. Most freelancers work on a person-to-person basis, either for print or digital mediums. This type of freelance writing tends to be highly specialized, which makes it very unlike other types of writing that are more general in nature. For instance, feature writing often involves a short report or even a small feature article. Some of the more popular areas that feature writer’s work are sports, health and fitness, adult entertainment, real estate, education, and yes, even blogging.

Content writer is another very popular type of freelance writing. This is where writers write content for websites or blogs. Content writers can specialize in a number of areas, such as health, real estate, fitness, education, and yes, even blogging. Again, different types of content writers tend to specialize in different types of audiences. For instance, health and fitness writers would often be involved in writing product reviews for pharmaceutical companies, while education and blog posts might be content writers who specialise in providing educational content.

Another very popular form of freelance writing is social media content creation. With this type of freelance writing job, freelance writers provide unique content for websites or blogs related to a certain industry. In this case, the content writer needs to be knowledgeable in that industry, so they may research the topic, perhaps write articles or blog posts that pertain to their topic, and then submit their work to a website or company that needs it. For instance, a writer could choose to focus their work primarily on fashion blogs, while focusing their blog posts on a certain celebrity. A social media content creator would also be capable of creating videos, logos, graphics, and the like to accompany their work. This type of freelance writer is most often found in the advertising field, but some work is also provided by government, nonprofit, and trade agencies.

The last type of freelance writing we are going to look at is marketing/ advertisements. These are jobs that involve writing sales pitches or ads. They range from magazine articles to full-page newspaper ads. If you enjoy writing and have a unique selling power, then this is probably the job for you. It is important to be completely clear about your objectives before applying for any writing job, however, as many people do not know what the company is looking for, and as such, are often turned away.

All four types of freelance writing, we looked at are perfect for most types of freelance writers. If you want to get out into the world of advertising, content marketing, and copywriting, these are some great ways to start off. Freelance writers need to understand that these types of jobs will bring in more work than they bargained for. As a result, it is important to always stay focused and on track with everything that goes on behind the scenes. Working in the industry is just like any other job: you need to work hard, but it will pay off over time.