Types of Writing

different types of writing

Types of Writing

The different types of writing are used to create content that is valuable and entertaining for your target audience. It is one of the most effective methods of marketing your products or services. The various types of writings are categorized based on their importance to the company. The categories include:

Informative. The term informative means that the writer’s main focus is to inform readers. They provide information on an important topic, a specific product or service and/or an event. The main purpose of informational copywriting is to encourage people to purchase the product or service. You can find this category in the forms of web copywriting, news, press releases, brochures and many other types. Expository. The term expository refers to writing about something that is not tangible like a physical product.

Copywriting. This category includes many forms of copywriting. There are copywriting for newspapers, magazines and many others. In some ways, it is the same as the informative type of writing, but here it is mostly about words. A copywriter should use words in a way to communicate information efficiently.

Copywriting for advertising and sales. This type of copywriting focuses on selling the product or service. A good copywriter would use words in a way that is persuasive and would get the reader to buy the product. For instance, you can write the headline in this form: “X New Product”. The copywriter has to persuade you to read further. Another example would be: “X New Services for X”. The copywriter must convince you that they have the solution to your problems.

Article writing. This category is very similar to the above categories, except that it is more of a sales-oriented style. The content of articles is targeted at persuading readers to buy something. For example, an article can be written like this: “Article on X: New Research on X”. This is a clear sales pitch, as opposed to a general form of an article which might be like “A Brief Introduction to X”.

In conclusion, there are many types of freelance writing and the most famous ones are article writing, copywriting and research writing. All of them can be categorized under one head; however, these categories also have sub-categories. If you are still not sure, it would be helpful to consult a writer and find out about the specific type.

As a freelance writer, you should keep in mind that every job you accept is a chance for you to be recognized for your creativity and talent. With that said, you should know all the different types of writing so that you can easily get noticed.

Writing is a creative art and a skilled one at that. If you want to make a name in the writing world, then take note of all the different types of writing.