Types of Writing

The different types of writings available for you to write on include articles, reviews, manifestos, novels, song lyrics and other types of writings. Whatever type of writing you are interested in doing, the first step is to know what kind of audience you want to target for your writing. Once you know about your audience then you can choose the topic or theme of your expository.

types of writings

There are types of writings that need more proofreading and editing than other types of writings. For example if you are writing an essay then it is necessary that your essay will be peer reviewed before it is submitted to a publisher. If the publisher finds your essay interesting then they will consider accepting your essay for publication. But before they publish your essay they will need to make sure that your essay is free from grammatical errors, style issues, sentence construction problems and other similar errors. The publisher will be able to determine whether your essay is suitable for publishing through them or not.

Types of writings that require more work include, but are not limited to expository, persuasive essay writing, descriptive writing and the like. In expository writing there is the need to use extensive research on the topic that you have chosen to expound on. The expository writing is suitable for those who are good in arguments and want to persuade their readers to see a certain way of the matter. The persuasive essay writing, on the other hand, is a writing style that is used to persuade the reader to see something the other way.

Another type of writing that requires attention is the academic writing. Academic writing is best suited for certain specialized papers. One of the different types of academic writings that may require attention is the research paper. The research paper is a paper that is written with the intent of seeking publication or presentation of some research results regarding the topic. Different types of academic work require different types of writing style and different types of specifications.

It is also important to understand the difference between types of writings. There are types of writings that are used for academic purposes and these types of writings are referred to as scholarly types of writings. Other types of writings are for other purposes and they are called persuasive types of writings. Persuasive types of writings usually seek to persuade the readers to see a point of view or to follow a particular direction.

Finally, one must understand that different types of writings do not necessarily require the same types of specifications. For example, a research paper that contains an overview of the topic, contains descriptive words to visually depict the content, and includes conclusions and recommendations does not necessarily need to be written in an academic style. A narrative type of writing can contain all of the above types of specifications. It is important to understand what types of writings do not need to be exclusive to academic writing. All types of writings, even persuasive types of writings, are important to convey a message.