Types of Writing – Creative Writing, Narrative and Objective Writing

different types of writing

Types of Writing – Creative Writing, Narrative and Objective Writing

Writing is a form of communicating with the readers. Every writer has a style of writing, that reflects his style. But every piece of writing requires a different tone and style that will determine on the basis of your content. Therefore, if you are a skilled writer, then you know the different types of writing. Let us have a look at different types of writing.

One of the types of writings includes expository writing. It is concerned with explanations and analysis about a particular subject. This type of writing deals mainly with information that is not too personal but relates to some specific sphere. This includes scientific expository writing that discusses some scientific concepts. It talks about various experiments, researches and discoveries through the medium of this writing.

Narrative writing is another popular type of writings that is concerned mostly with telling the story by means of some descriptive words. It includes the descriptive writing where the author gives an account or description about a particular event or anything that is happening in the real world. This type of expository writing is generally used to write legal documents, biographies and historical documents. On the other hand, most narrative writing involves creative ideas and mental pictures that depict the tale.

Subjective writing is also one of the major types of writings in which the writer gives an opinion about a certain topic based on his personal experiences. This type of writings refers to the writer’s private thoughts. These types of writings contain very less or sometimes no references or predictions about the future. Most of these types of writings are intended for self-expression.

Meta-narrative also known as a summary of what has been written. This type of writings can be written for many different types of purposes. Different types of narrative writings are also categorized into two major types: the subjective and the objective writing. Out of these two types of writings, it has been proved that the objective writing skills are much better than the subjective writing skills.

To give a brief overview of each type, it can be said that most creative writing forms a sort of human intuition, where the writer tries to connect with the reader by using his or her own experiences. The subjective writing types are more about what the writer personally thinks and feels. On the other hand, objective writing is more based on research and analysis based on facts and figures. The most common types of subjective writing are reviews, critical reviews, personal essays and some types of creative writing like short stories, poems and novels. On the other hand, most objective types of writing are technical writing like scientific papers, reports and articles.