Types of Writing That Every Creative Writer Should Know About

A professional writer is always meant to be multi-dimensional in order to produce quality content irrespective of the format used. However, different types of writing come into play depending on the venue in which the content is meant to be shared. In this particular article, look at some of the different types of writings you should always be aware of as a blogger. This will help prepare yourself as a better writer in the future.

If you are in the business of sharing information through writing, one of the best types of writings that you should know are expository. Exposition writing can either be descriptive writing or expository writing. It all boils down to the purpose of the writing and the audience that will be reading the piece. As a writer, you can either write expository material about a certain topic or you can write in an expository manner in order to inform your readers about a particular topic. Some examples of great expository writers include Mark Twain, Herman Melville and Edward Gorey.

Another very interesting form of writing is descriptive writing. Descriptive writing is similar to expository writing but the distinction here is that it is meant for readers. A good example of a typical descriptive writer includes David Morrell. He has been nominated for the Nobel Prize, so you can imagine what’s in store for us if he wins the award. What makes this type of writer exciting is the fact that the readers are actually allowed to insert their own opinions in the piece so that the writer can get feedback from his work.

Narrative writing is yet another of the types of writings you should be aware of as a writer. Narrative writing is when a writer writes about an event and describes it but leaves out certain aspects which make it more interesting to the reader. An example of a narrative writer would be award-winning author Maya Angelou.

Writing for children’s books is another of the many types of creative writing that every writer should know about. This is because children’s stories are the ones that will always have room for comedy, tragedy, romance and other types of plots that will keep children interested. As a writer, you should always keep this in mind as children are easily bored with very simple stories and may not be very keen on creative writing. You can use this in your work to address this challenge.

Research writing is among the types of writings that every creative writer should know about. Research writing is basically writing in which the writer seeks information about a specific subject in order to support his/her point of view in whatever way they see fit. As an example, research writing is what writers call “opinion writing”. This involves researching about a specific person, place or thing and putting your own view on it. In other words, you are trying to tell someone (your client) why he/she should choose you over the others. If you want to learn more about this form of creative writing, then it would be wise to read more about research writing and how to write about it.