Types of Written Materials

There are three types of writings for a freelance writer to choose from. These types of writings are expository, descriptive and persuasive. In this article, we will discuss each of these three types of writings. We hope that this discussion would be useful to those who are new in the business and would want to get acquainted with these types of writings. We will also discuss the different types of copywriting.

types of writings

The first two types of writings are commonly known as narrative writing styles. These types of writings are related to the stories and the narrations where the characters’ actions or the story’s narration is told by the writer. The key point of all types of narrative writing is that the reader should be affected by the story. The difference between descriptive and expository writing styles is that the former uses big words, while the latter relies more on colloquial and everyday language. Here are some types of Expository Writing Styles.

One of the types of narrative writing is essay writing. Essays are considered as types of narrative because they use a certain format. Most academic writing involves essay writing since an essay consists of a set of ideas that are related to the author’s thesis. The format of these types of writings depends on the purpose of the essay such as to present a thesis statement, to support a research work or for evaluation purposes. In this article, we will be discussing the types of essays.

The third type of writing is called expository writing. This style of writing is used to write on certain topics that the author is an expert in. Examples of such types of writings are books, essays and history. These types of writings are often needed by students who need to do research. The writer is required to show the reader his expertise through this medium.

The fourth type is descriptive writing. Unlike expository writing, which is used to present some ideas, a narrative article is used to tell a certain story. This type of article contains a lot of information about a specific topic or idea so that readers can get a better understanding of the topic. However, a lot of people think that this style of writing is not easy. They feel that the readers should be bored by the stories and that the project will be difficult to complete.

However, the types of writings do not only refer to types of writings that are used for academic purposes. Sometimes, some story telling styles are used for entertainment purposes. For example, in a play, the characters might have to use certain types of creative writing to make the story entertaining. Likewise, the style of storytelling can also be used to entertain readers. Hence, even non-academic writers can also take advantage of different types of writing so that they can make their work more entertaining.