Types of Written Work

The most common types of writings for freelance writers to undertake include expository writing, persuasive writing and descriptive writing. These types of writings comprise the bedrock of all professional writing assignments. Writing needs that you investigate deeply, you must be able to convey a message effectively and you must know how to utilize language adeptly. You will never become an author, if you are unable to write coherently.

types of writings

When it comes to descriptive writing, the writer is able to draw his reader’s attention to specific details about specific objects or events. For example: A tourist notices a certain stone in a cave. He then relates what he noticed about the stone to the surroundings. The same technique can be used in narrative writing where the writer narrates about the experiences that a character goes through during a particular time in history.

One other types of writing is persuasive writing. This is where the message that you want your reader to convey is primarily targeted towards influencing the reader’s emotions towards a conclusion. For example: If I were you I would do this. It is important that your reader should be motivated to act based on the information that you are transmitting to them. If they are motivated to act, chances are that they will take necessary actions to comply with your message.

Many writers have a knack for coming up with interesting titles for their works and once they get published, these titles make for very effective titles. However, before you go out and start writing, it is best to study and research the types of writings best suited for you. All types of writings need to be original and they should not be plagiarized.

Students and writers alike are encouraged to spend a lot of time doing their homework. It is not enough to write an essay or a research paper; one also needs to spend a lot of time studying and thinking about what he/she is planning to write. The types of writings that can be filed under research can range from a short story to an in depth research on a particular topic. Essays and research papers are divided into different types, because different types of topics require different types of writing style.

You should always remember that in writing different types of writings, there are a lot of parameters and rules that need to be followed. Some types of writings are easier to complete than others while some types of writings are easier to write than others. For example, an essay has certain guidelines on how to structure a written piece while research papers do not have such guidelines. You should always take time to study and explore on the types of writings that interest you.