What is the Difference Between a Content Marketer and a Journalist?

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What is the Difference Between a Content Marketer and a Journalist?

There is a vast difference between a content marketing writer and a freelance content writer. Even though the difference, it stills robots, not humans, that will craft the relevant, compelling, relationship-driven content that actually builds the strong foundation and credibility required for great success. Without great content marketing, all of it wouldn’t work. But what exactly IS a content marketing writer anyway?

Well, the most commonly seen content writers on the internet are freelance writers for hire. These are independent contractors that work under someone else’s schedule and pay based on the completion of their work. Many times these content writers will utilize a variety of platforms to bring traffic to the website and to make sales from the website. For example, they may advertise on Associated Content or Ad Sense.

Another type of content marketing writer are the content hacks, also known as bloggers. Bloggers have created content on a number of different sites to draw attention to a particular business or promote a brand. They take the basic blog format and customize it to their needs, such as including affiliate links, a description about the business or whatever other factors they deem important. While these content writers are not strictly speaking writers, they are often hacktastic and rarely do a professional job.

Freelance writers for hire and content marketing writers have both gained a tremendous amount of success in the field of web content. In fact, the two are so similar, many people believe that one is the front runner for most of the freelance jobs available on the net today. The real difference between these two is the level of competition. For freelance writers who have a tight schedule due to being an independent contractor or those who work for small websites, content marketing writer are the ones who get their projects.

For large, high-level blogs, however, content marketing writer’s services become even more important. These blogs often require dozens of articles written on a subject expert in their field, and the articles need to be in top form on a regular basis. This is where the freelance writer really shines. Since these high-level blogs are usually run by large companies, the writers have to create fresh content all the time to keep the readers interested.

As you can see, the differences between a content marketing writer and a journalist are dwindling day by day. Both are required to do an excellent job at what they do, which is writing informative articles on various topics. While the journalists must make sure that there are no grammatical errors, the marketer has to ensure that the article is catchy and captivating to the audience, while keeping the facts straight. This is what separates the two and ensures that both are able to provide the best content on the Internet.