What is Website Copywriting?

Marketing writing is a bit different than regular writing for publication in magazines, newspapers, and other forms of print media. For one thing, marketing writing is not for the regular “how to” person. It requires research and a lot of thought. Businesses will hire marketing writers to write copy for their business to promote their products, attract new customers, keep existing customers happy, and improve their overall business.

marketing writing

Copywriting is actually another word for website copywriting. It refers to written text which is used in marketing communications to promote a product in some manner. When a person creates the text for a commercial, website, newsletter, brochure, sales piece, tagline, advertisement, white paper, blog post, or whatever else marketing communications, then they are actually writing website copy. A good example of this is healthcare tech content marketing.

Healthcare website copywriting can refer to website content such as information about the owner of a website, a company’s contact information, company updates, articles, or press releases. Some of this is directly relevant to the health care industry (i.e., contact information) while some is not (i.e., articles). However, the overall theme is directed at selling healthcare services. The health care tech writer needs to make sure the website message reaches its audience. This means keeping the language simple and making sure the tone of voice is professional and authoritative.

The purpose of healthcare website copywriting is to make sales. The website copywriter will create content that appeals to visitors and gets them to take action. The copywriter will use words such as: “How to” and “Let’s get started”. They will use the words “Now” and “In 60 seconds or less you can get your free estimate”. This type of copywriter is working with the website owner or author in an attempt to sell them services.

Another common practice for health care marketing writers is providing tips and guides on topics of general interest. A health care website may contain product reviews or recommended products. The marketing writer understands that the website visitor has a busy day at work and may not have time to read through a full book on the topic of interest.

Healthcare website copywriting falls into the marketing category of Internet marketing. Content marketing is a marketing strategy which relies on producing quality content for websites to draw traffic and to increase the site’s rankings in search engines. For example, a website writer could write marketing content which relates to pet care, diabetes care, and women’s health, and feature an affiliate link to a pet grooming service. This strategy would be most effective if the website copywriting contains the keywords related to each category.