What Types of Copywriting Do You Need?

Copywriting is an indispensable part of any advertising campaign, whether it is for a new product or a business venture, new ideas or sales pitches for existing products. If used effectively, copywriting can drive more sales than you ever imagined possible and get your message out to as many people as possible. But what kinds of copywriting are there? And how do you pick the right types of writing to make the most of your time? Well, there are several different types of copywriting but they can be split into two major categories: direct and indirect. Direct writing is all about persuading or dissuading a reader from a specific opinion or action and bringing them to your specific product, service or site.

types of copywriting

Direct copywriting has to use many different types of writings in order to convey their message to the target audiences. The key in this kind of copywriting is to make sure that every word counts. The copywriter needs to have a well-designed plan in place in order to help them come up with compelling copywriting that will be accepted by readers. There are times when direct copywriting has to deal with sensitive topics such as rape or sexual assault, discrimination or hateful speech and much more difficult topics like racism, sexism, xenophobia and much more.

Indirect writing is about writing to influence readers’ actions. For instance, you can use a sales copywriting portfolio for direct selling. Here, you will only be using words and phrases that are going to put readers into the proper mood and mind to think about purchasing a certain product. However, in terms of indirect writing, you might use words that will cause the readers to take a certain attitude towards the product or service.

SEO copywriting is a different type of writing than what was just discussed. It is about writing in such a way that the keywords or other important phrases are incorporated in the content without appearing too obvious. An SEO copywriter needs to know how to use different types of writing in the right context to improve the odds that the material they produce will be picked up by search engines and translated into a high ranking result page.

Social media copywriting is just one part of the entire process that is involved in SEO copywriting. There are a lot of different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and a lot more. The copywriters that are hired for these projects must know how to manipulate these types of platforms in order for the content they produce to be noticed and picked up by the target market. As we mentioned earlier, social media is a very fast-paced medium and those that are hired for this job need to keep up with it on a daily basis in order to produce effective content.

Overall, the types of copywriting that are discussed here are not your traditional types of copywriting. These are simply a new twist on an old routine. As with everything, the more current the copywriting style, the better it tends to do for an SEO company. SEO copywriters that can adapt to these types of changing times and environments are the ones that will see the biggest success in the business. Hiring a competent SEO writer can help the SEO company to expand their customer base, keep their reputation high and increase their bottom line.